End Gutter Cleaning Forever



Gutters are such a pain, aren't they? Some days, when you're up on your ladder cleaning them out for the hundredth time, you may be wondering why a house even needs gutters. While this is a totally valid thought, gutters are actually very important to the health for your entire home, and you can trust Wingler Construction and Remodeling with gutter protection and new gutters in Columbus, Ohio!

Gutters have one job — to move water away from a home so the structure doesn't suffer from water damage. When water isn't properly diverted away from your home, all kinds of negative and costly problems can develop, including

  • Leaks and/or flooded basements & crawlspaces
  • Cracked, uneven, or damaged foundation
  • Soil erosion around the home (which can also lead to foundation damage)
  • Rotting fascia boards at the roofline
  • Mold & mildew growth inside & outside
  • Staining on the exterior of the home, siding, or masonry
  • Settling and cracking of sidewalks, driveways, and other concrete surfaces around your home

These problems can be avoided by making sure gutters are installed around your entire home and the downspouts are directing water at least three feet away from the base of the building. Any distance less than three feet is just dumping water from your roof onto the ground next to your foundation – making it completely pointless to have gutters in the first place. Gutter protection is also very important to the health and safety of your home.


The trick to gutter maintenance is to keep them clear and free-flowing, because gutters can be a lot of work unless they are protected. If your gutters look more like a garden instead of a system designed to protect your home from water damage, then you already know one of the reasons why gutter guards can be important. Plants and small trees belong in the yard, not on your roof.

Unprotected gutters will fill with debris from surrounding trees and other debris carried on the wind that ends up on your roof. No matter where you live, nature’s elements will find a way into your gutters and lead to serious problems. Gutter protection in Columbus, Ohio is especially important because of the wide variety of weather conditions we get in our area.

When a gutter clogs, it fills with water, overflows, and becomes totally useless. Issues caused by debris collecting in your gutters include

  • Water overflow, leading to foundation damage & soil erosion
  • Build-up of dry debris, which creates a fire hazard
  • Water leaking into your attic and walls
  • Standing water, which creates the perfect home for mosquitos
  • Moisture problems that encourage mold growth and termite/pest infestation

Cleaning your gutters regularly can help keep these things from happening, but getting up on the ladder several times a year isn’t just a hassle – it’s not safe.
Cleaning gutters is notoriously one of the worst outdoor chores and we’re confident that many folks agree. That's why at Wingler, we use the RHINO Gutter Guard® system to help save homeowners from doing dirty work.

RHINO Gutter Guard® is a system that creates a protective barrier, keeping leaves, seed pods, pine needles, shingle grit and other debris out of your gutters. Their goal is to take gutter cleaning off of your “to do” list.

There are a number of gutter protection technologies available to homeowners, including reverse curve, hoods, foam, screens, and other mesh guards. But the one consistent issue with each product was that they all failed to do what they were intended to do – keep debris out while allowing all of the water in. RHINO Gutter Guard® can do better, and they did by developing a product that would optimize water flow while keeping all debris out of the gutter system.


Every inch of the gutter system and roof has its own set of issues. RHINO has carefully studied each of those issues and created a much-needed, innovative gutter protection solution.

They started by creating RHINO Gutter Guard® – a carefully crafted and patented micro-mesh gutter guards made of strong aluminum and surgical-grade stainless steel mesh that handles an amazing amount of water while keeping even small debris like pine needles out of your gutters.

When gutters become overwhelmed in certain areas with heavy volumes of water, they "overshoot," which defeats the whole purpose of having gutters in the first place. RHINO's patented line of RHINO Miters complete THE RHINO® system by addressing such trouble spots as inside roof valleys, bay windows, and heavy water streams created by upper stories or underneath dormers.

Many homeowners also report various animals making their way up the downspout and nesting in their gutters or burrowing into their attics. With RHINO Downspout Caps, this problem is solved. Made of corrosion-resistant surgical grade stainless steel, these discreet mesh caps create a barrier that animals cannot pass through.

Once a complete gutter guard system is installed, you still need to make sure debris, pests, or small animals cannot enter your gutters through openings at the end points. To cap off these openings and ensure gutters are completely sealed, RHINO created their specially designed RHINO End Caps to enclose the whole system.


Many companies claim their product will end gutter cleaning forever. However, after those products are installed, they fail due to poor material quality, bad design, or the inability to stand up to Mother Nature. At Wingler Construction and Remodeling, we can confidently stand behind RHINO products as our first choice for gutter protection in Columbus, Ohio because we know they utilize the finest materials and enforce strict quality control measures.

RHINO offers 20-year warranty guarantees that RHINO Gutter Guard® will stand the test of time with harsh outdoor elements and continue to stand up to its reputation as one of the most trusted gutter protection systems on the market.


RHINO Gutter Guard® is a combination of strong aluminum and surgical-grade stainless steel micro-mesh that ensures only one thing gets into your gutters – water. There are four distinct features of the system that make RHINO Gutter Guard® the only choice in gutter protection.


  1. 1
    Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Micro-Mesh

    After testing mesh sizes for a decade, RHINO selected a surgical grade stainless steel micro-mesh with openings that are optimally sized to prevent even small debris from entering your gutter system while handling an amazing 60 gallons of water per minute. Never again will leaves, twigs, pine needles, oak tassels, shingle grit or other small debris clog your gutters. 

    Some competitive products use a mesh with larger openings, which will allow pine needles and shingle granules to enter the gutters, while other competitors use a mesh woven so tight that water cannot pass through fast enough, causing overshoot even in light rain conditions.

    RHINO’s ideally sized mesh guarantees it will take in all of the water it encounters while keeping out all debris and the surgical grade stainless steel will not corrode over time.

  2. 2
    Embossed Textured Surface

    THE RHINO®’s body is made out of an embossed aluminum to give it a textured surface that prevents debris from sticking. By minimizing the amount of surface area debris comes in contact with, air can flow underneath which helps it to shed easily with a passing wind.

  3. 3
    Patented Hemmed Mesh

    RHINO’s patented “hemming” process mechanically bonds the micro-mesh securely into aluminum body. This creates a strong connection that will not come apart after years of weathering and debris will simply blow off of this smooth surface.

    Be careful of mesh gutter guards that glue, caulk, or crimp the mesh into the guard body, because these methods have proven to fail and pull away over time when exposed to outdoor conditions. Once the mesh pulls away, debris will enter the gutters.

  4. 4
    Patented Gutter Strengthening

    RHINO Gutter Guard® actually strengthens your gutters. Let’s face it – gutters are weak by nature, so they become detached quite easily from your home during heavy winds, storms, or snow and ice loads (all of which occur in the central Ohio region). RHINO’s patented installation design gives your gutters box-like strength which stabilizes the entire system.

    This happens by first screwing the front of the product to the lip of the gutter and then screwing the back leg to your fascia. The torque of the second screw squeezes the gutter tight so that it will last longer and drastically reduce maintenance.