Get Your Windows From the Experts at Wingler

What do you expect from new windows? The highest quality, the best window installation, and the best choice for your home? When you want the best replacement windows in Columbus, Ohio, we're prepared to help you. But how do you know when it’s time for window replacement? Any time you want to add a new design, have a more comfortable home, and minimize your reliance on heating and cooling, window replacement will do the job.

What Can Replacement Windows Do For You?

Replacement windows serve as an update to the windows you already have, or you can change it up entirely. The options are open to your imagination!

Here are some ways window replacement can improve your home:

  • Update your current look or add an entirely new design.
  • Enjoy more comfortable, stable temperatures in your home thanks to new, better quality replacement windows.
  • Easier window installation means you can enjoy your windows sooner and with less fuss.
  • New windows require less maintenance.

What do you want from your window replacement job? More light? Less energy wasted? Whether you are looking for a stunning new picture window or something energy-efficient, you can find it here — get the design you want and the benefits you need.

Wingler Construction and Remodeling carries a full line of the highest quality replacement windows. From awning and casement to bay and double hung, you can find the window you want. Our experts will help you choose the one that works for you and then install it professionally with reliable, thoughtful service. Check out the many window replacement options we offer and see why we're one of the most trusted companies for replacement windows in Columbus, Ohio!

  1. Double Hung Windows


    We carry a full line of windows in every style and type, including double hung windows. If you are looking for brand new windows to update your space, improve your home’s energy efficiency, or both, we have the right double hung windows for you.

    Double hung windows open at the top and the bottom, so when your window is open, you get twice the ventilation! When wall and window space is limited, double hung windows do double the duty, circulating air easily in even the smallest rooms, including bathrooms, walkways, and patios.


  2. Slider Windows


    Slider windows have a clean, smart look that can update the appearance of any home, and we carry a full line so that you can find the one that fits your house best.

    When you add windows to your home, you need the best, longest-lasting windows you can get, so what can you expect from our slider windows? Some great benefits to your home and family, like:

    • Easy to use and maintain.
    • Glide horizontally and don’t require much strength to open.
    • Provides a great view of the outside.
    • Professionally installed.
    • Knowledgeable, experienced staff.
    • Less reliance on heating, air, and indoor lighting.

    Like picture and bay windows, slider windows will bring extra light into your home during the day, but the quality window and installation process provides improved insulation, so you will notice better temperatures and a more comfortable home year-round, as well as reduced utility bills.

    Because they are easier to operate, anyone who finds standard windows difficult to open will appreciate the ease of slider windows as an option.


  1. Casement Windows


    When you look around your house, what do you see? Natural light streaming in through trustworthy, energy-efficient windows? If not, casement windows from Wingler might be exactly what you are missing!

    Casement windows are a popular choice for many reasons from attractive versatility to energy efficiency. Here are some great benefits of new casement windows:

    • Easy to use.
    • Great functionality.
    • One of the most energy efficient choices.
    • Save up to 30% on your utility bills.
    • Match or update your current window design.
    • Protect your home from harsh sunlight and heat transference.

    Casement windows are also extremely durable and will last years into the future, giving your home both a new look and increased comfort for a long time to come.


  2. Bay Windows


    Have you ever thought of adding bay windows to your home? They look beautiful in any house and bring a certain amount of elegant polish to a room, both inside and out. If you have ever driven past a house with bay windows, you know they have amazing curb appeal!

    Did you know bay windows are such a great touch to a house that they can even increase your home’s resale value? That’s in addition to all the other great benefits bay windows provide, like

    • More natural light and less reliance on indoor lights.
    • A broader, more impressive view of the outdoors.
    • Classically beautiful style that never fails to capture attention.
    • Additional indoor space.
    • Utility cost savings.

    Any new window in your home is going to improve your energy efficiency, saving you utility costs on every bill—sometimes as much as 30%! Good windows that fit properly and are installed well will improve insulation and decrease air leakage in your home, which means more comfort and less cost for you.

    Natural light from bay windows is also a great cost-saver as you won’t feel the need to turn on your lights as often.


  1. Picture Windows


    Properly installed picture windows from Wingler will brighten your home instantly. Whether you choose picture windows as a stunning design element or to expand your current window, you won’t regret your choice when our experts help you pick the right window for your home from our full line.

    Properly installed picture windows provide years of benefits both to the beauty and function of your home. When you get your picture windows from us, here’s what you can expect:

    • Beautiful view of the outdoors.
    • Completely insulated for the most secure energy efficiency.
    • Save money on your utility bills.
    • More natural light and decreased need for indoor lighting.
    • Charming addition to any room.
    • Installed by experts.
    • Experience in the industry.

    Picture windows frame the space outside, giving you a seasonal “picture” of your yard and becoming an amazing design element. Picture windows are also some of the most energy efficient windows you can get, improving the comfort in your home every day and minimizing the pressure put on your heating and air conditioning units to keep up with temperature fluctuations.


  2. Awning Windows


    Awning windows from Wingler fit into spaces standard windows won’t, giving you light and air in places you wouldn’t expect. Because they are often placed higher than ordinary windows, awning windows fit perfectly over cabinets, sinks, and other built in furniture and add a unique, elegant look to any home.

    Imagine an easy-to-use window over your kitchen sink — one that you could open with no problem, would block out debris, wind, and rain, and would let fresh air into your home any time you want — that is the benefit of awning windows.

    We carry a full line of awning windows for every room in your home. Whatever you want for your house — awning windows propped open over your cabinets or letting light in by your kitchen sink — not only do we give you the best quality in your choices, we also install whichever window you choose, as well; and we know you will be pleased with and confident in your new windows. You will be glad you chose Wingler for your new awning windows— we guarantee it!