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Windows play an overall image of your home, especially on the inside. On the outside, they can make your house look fabulous. Inside, they modernize your home and bring light into the house, while also controlling the temperature with features like insulated glass. Windows also can filter UV rays that often fade certain materials. Aside from that, windows can filter incoming light to bring in just the right amount.

Windows come in a wide variety of styles, allowing for more flexibility when choosing them for your home. Options include everything from double hung windows and casement windows to single hung windows and vertical windows.

Double hung windows come as one top window and one bottom window. These windows usually tilt inward from the tops at an angle while the bottom stays in place. This allows for outside cleaning from the inside. It avoids the hassle of having to go outside or having to climb a ladder just to clean them.  You simply clean them from right inside your home. You can slide these windows up or down for ventilation, as well as tilt them in some cases.

Single hung windows are very much the same as double hung, except only one window tilts out for exterior cleaning. The price point is usually less, but this may be all you need. Oftentimes, you can reach up with your hand to get the other pane clean on the outside, but that can be tricky and a pain. For ventilation, you can slide these windows up or down, as well as tilt in some cases.

Vertical windows are designed with windows side by side. Most have a crank that spins to open the windows. The windows are mounted vertically verse horizontally. Therefore, they open out from the side instead of the top or bottom. You can usually clean these from the inside as well. You can open these windows with the crank for ventilation and for cleaning.

Casement windows are a single window system which opens on one side through use of a crank. The crank slowly opens the window the more you spin it. You can open these windows with the crank for ventilation, as well as for cleaning.

Lastly, but not all, picture windows add some fashion to your home. They provide designer styles such as arch tops and hexagon shaped windows. Nevertheless, these windows usually do not open at all. They are more for aesthetical purposes to add that special touch to your home.

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