Roller shades are a great option for many windows because they give you full control over the amount of light coming into your house. They are often white or off white, however; and it can be hard to incorporate them well into your décor.

You can make them completely unique with one trick, though; and it will only take you one day to be enjoying your brand new, custom roller shades. How? With wallpaper!

How to Wallpaper a Shade

Step #1: Measure the shade and cut the wallpaper to match. When you’re measuring, remember to look at how much goes over the top of the roller, as well.

Step #2: Apply the wallpaper starting at one end and working down. Make sure you know which kind of wallpaper you’re dealing with—ideally, you will want wallpaper that has adhesive in the paper and only needs to be moistened to apply it.

Step #3: Roll out the bubbles. Work  a little bit at a time as you roll the wallpaper down on the shade. A rolling pin can make this particular task a lot easier.

Step #4: Let dry. Give the wallpaper a little while to set and get completely dry before you try to use it, but once you are set, you can reattach the roller shade and pull it down to have a look.

There’s no doubt that when your friends see your unique shade, they will wonder where you got it—it’s up to you whether or not you tell them the truth!

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